Use of copyrighted items

At present, Kochi Prefecture owns the copyrights in Ishimoto Yasuhiro’s photographic works.
If you wish to use a copyrighted item, please contact the information desk using the link below.

Photographs for which the term of copyright protection has expired may be used without prior permission. Items that fall within this category can be found in the list below.
List of works by Ishimoto Yasuhiro for which copyrights have expired (as of June 14, 2021) [PDF]

Terms of Use
Terms of Use for Mr. Ishimoto Yasuhiro’s Photographic Works [PDF]

Price List
Attachment Schedule (Re: Article 6) Royalties for Ishimoto Yasuhiro’s Photographic Works [PDF]

*The applicant is responsible for paying all fees associated with the International Money Transfer, including all fees generated by the paying bank, the intermediary banks, and the recipient bank.

Form No. 1 (Re: Article 2) Application for License [Word][PDF]

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