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HANA, Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection Exhibition

Fascinated by flowers’ structure, with the slender stalk or peduncle supporting large petals, and by the wonders of nature itself, Ishimoto built a simple studio in the living room of his Tokyo home and began photographing flowers. That was in 1986. With a black board reflector and a flash unit set up in his living room, Ishimoto photographed flowers throughout their lifespans: from their buds’ opening to their wilting and drying up. He immediately decided to publish those images as

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Transient, Fleeting: The World of Ishimoto Yasuhiro part 24

Things Uncertain Looking at the clouds and imagining all kinds of shapes is fun. Like a playful response to those shapes, the clouds have been given a variety of different names, but those in Ishimoto’s photos aren’t clouds that suggest any concrete kind of object. If anything, he chooses misty or abstract looking clouds. Ishimoto’s photographs seem to be casually framing instances of clouds as accumulations of microscopic water particles that drift along, gather, and disperse again in the sky;

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